Sometimes you find yourself stumped when using Windows 10. It does not matter if you have been working with Windows forever or if you are a new user. Everyone needs a little help, especially for things that are a bit newer for the most of us. The old set-up would have been to tell you to check your manual, but these how-to these days would give you more up-to-date and sophisticated ways to get assistance. Use these tips below to get help with Windows 10 so you are sure you never have to question your actions whenever you use this operating system.

Go to Cortana

Cortana is a feature by Microsoft found in Windows 10. Cortana is a virtual assistant that can search for files and schedule meetings through your computer. This is a good way to search for help even with just the basic problems.

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Simply ask Cortana to listen to you. Do this by clicking on the microphone icon. You can also say “Hi, Cortana,” if you enabled this alternative and ask your query. A lot of frequently asked questions already have built-in responses in the knowledge base of the software. More often than not, you would probably get an answer on the spot. If, for example, you are thinking of helpful keyboard shortcuts, Cortana can handle this well because these are usual reference items.

Note, however, that Cortana has its limitations when you want help from Windows 10. If you are searching for help for a very difficult problem as connected to old software, you may want to try another option. But even with this limitation, it is still worth trying to ask Cortana the question.

Press F1 on Your Keyboard

When you are already logged in, press F1 on your keyboard.

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This is the usual shortcut key for Windows when you need help. F1 has the documentation for all your challenging needs with Windows 10. Note that if you have a program open and it has its very own services for help, you will open their help services when you press F1. If you do not have other programs open, pressing F1 on your keyboard would open a search on Bing that would give you ways to fix your problem.

Talk to Support

When you talk to phone or online support, it felt like the most frustrating thing because you cannot really extricate what you really need. Fortunately, support services are much better now. Microsoft believes in its online support so much that it is actually already integrated within Windows 10. In order to begin, start with the search bar to find the app for Contact Support. Contact Support should have already been installed previously on your Windows 10.

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Keep in mind that as soon as you remove Contact Support, you can still see it on the Windows Store. As soon as you open Contact Support, go to the portion where you are looking for help. Once you have done this, you can chat online with an Answer Tech from Microsoft. When you talk to the tech support, talk to them about your problem very clearly. You will be in a good position to get your problem solved easily and conveniently.

If you are the kind of person who wants to talk to someone rather than text over the internet, you have the choice to schedule a call with tech support during a designated date and time. This also means that you do not need to be on hold for a long time. In order to accomplish this, go back to the app of Contact Support. Then search for the topic that suits your issue. As soon as you have the choice to get a call once available, that is possible. But this can differ, based on your place and time. Yet, if you would like a call to be arranged, indicate the time that would fit your schedule. Put in your phone number as well as date. You will then be shown a list of appointments.